The company’s Showroom

Use it as a mobile showroom and sales tool for meetings with clients or at business events and trade fairs. It can also be used as the internal meeting and information place for new employees and co-workers.
Streamline both meetings and internal communication

Neon lampor i fyrkanter

Event & Sponsorships

Guests, spectators, fans, volunteers and sponsors all have different needs for information. This can be easily catered to with different QR-codes and clubrooms.
Make your events more efficient and lucrative!

Strålkastare i olika färger

Fairs and Exhibitions

Whether you host a physical display booth or just attend as a curious guest, you can use your clubroom and QR-code to easily exchange and save information and contact details with a QR-badge around your neck.
For efficiency and simplicity!


Group & Conference trips

Gather everything about the meeting place, itinerary and different security details. MY-CLUBROOM can hold all information before, during and after the trip, which makes it simpler and safer for both organizers and participants.
Share important updates!

Man pratar med någon över video på sin telefon

Associations & Networks

Makes it easier to engage and activate members for meetings and events with direct information on the phone. It also encourages getting to know eachother and networking.
Turn members into active fans!

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Office hubbs & CoWorking

Many freelancing tenants consider networking opportunities and interaction as some of the most important aspects when choosing a new office space. MY-CLUBROOM is an efficient and straight forward tool for those who wish to gain new contacts end connections in a simpel way.
Attract more tenants!

Ett kontorshotell med personer som samtalar

Regardless of what type of meeting or event you are looking to organise, you are likely to find a clubroom that suits your needs.

From AI to RI

Relationship Intelligence

  • More meetings
  • Valuable contacts
  • New friends
  • Supported memory
  • Simpler follow-up’s
  • Developing
  • Succesful
  • Inspiring
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Your clubroom - for your customers, contacts and friends.

Simple and efficient for your meetings, events and conferences!

Fill out the application today and be ready to welcome people in just a couple of days.