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The meeting place where you share information and contact details straight from your phone. Easier and more interactive than websites and emails. Simple and convenient to adapt for different events and target groups.

For your invited customers, members and guests

- everything gathered in your clubroom!

Improve follow-up’s with a better memory.
See how a clubroom might benefit you!

Expose your design

It is easy to personalise your clubroom with logotypes, colors schemes and content.
Strenghten your brand

Boxes in varius color

Gather all your information in one place

Create content boxes with film clips, product descriptions, programs, maps, contact details etc with links to all relevant information around your business, association, conference or event.
Share your information efficiently and sustainably

Our services

Integrated Event and CRM-systems

For those who want to connect invitations, registrations and attendance to their own system via API.
Simple and time-efficient

Animation of CRM system

Improve networking with digital business cards

With Card4Actions business cards that are free to create and share through the app.
Make all meetings more memorable

People talking

Secure and fast information

Notify and reach all your checked in attendees with important information through push notifications.
More safety for everyone

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Valuable statistics and follow-up’s

Provides the necessary information to analyse outcomes and follow up’s.
For increased value and results



Your clubroom - for your customers, contacts and friends.

Simple and efficient for your meetings, events and conferences!

Fill out the application today and be ready to welcome people in just a couple of days.

Clubrooms are easy to adjust for customers, colleagues, members and friends! Make your meetings and events more efficient and appreciated!


For easy access and simple check-ins

Collected infromation

Everything your customers, visitors and friends need to know

Business cards

Free to create and easy to share - for those who want to network

Push notifications

To keep everyone updated and engaged, but also for safety and security


Enable analysis, actions and follow-ups